Stoney Sunday #105: Return of the Reefer

Questions answered:

What happened to News Nug?

What is dabbing, oil, cannabis concentrate?

What do you have planned in Amsterdam? Is adventuring on your list? -@amandachu via twitter with #askstoneysunday

When will you have shirts back in stock?

What did you miss most about recording Stoney Sunday?

Reefer Question: Ever worn a weedy costume for Halloween? What are you this year?

2 thoughts on “Stoney Sunday #105: Return of the Reefer

  1. Reblogged this on Awesomeness dot Org and commented:
    Awesome Stoney Sunday #105! We’ll miss Rose as a super awesome stoner host, but I am excited to see Coral host! I stumbled upon Coral Reefer’s Youtube channel a few months ago after scouring the web for like minded stoners.

    Plenty of people are open about their cannabis consumption, yet only a fraction of those users actually take action.

    Why? The latest studies show that Americans who support marijuana reform (full legalization, partial legalization in the form of medicinal use, decriminalization, etc) outnumber the citizens that are not in favor of any reform to current cannabis laws. The majority is who votes in a President, yet we can’t change these outdated–and in my opinion, unconstitutional–regulations regarding marijuana?

    Fear. Fear of judgement, fear of prosecution, fear of alienation… Patients residing in one For those of us living in states where legalization and decriminalization or approving marijuana for medicinal use is still considered extremely taboo.

    Mississippi is becoming a swing state. Tons of refugees scattered after hurricane Katrina. Because I lived in the bay area of Alabama’s Gulf Coast, I met some of the refugees that decided to settle a bit further east. There were far fewer than those who went to Mississippi, though. People with different political stances relocated in the years following the storm. When 2008’s elections came around these people ran for office and some won. Since then, the state has become more purple. Cannabis possession in the amount of 30 grams or less can result in a punishment much like a traffic ticket- in terms of fines and severity.

    In my case, just 20 miles east of the Alabama/Mississippi border, possession of a mere 2.5 grams could result in up to $1k in fines and a 30 day jail sentence. And yes, I did mean grams. Not ounces- grams.

    Why is this such a big deal to me? Why isn’t it such a big deal to you? #staymedicated

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