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Thank you for watching!

Thank you for watching!
Questions asked to Mama Reefer:
Do your friends smoke weed?
How did Coral tell you? What can a child do if parents aren't listening?
If cannabis was illegal again would you want Coral to slow down?
What do you think about parents smoking with their children?
If cannabis was legalized worldwide would it still be able to function?
Would you consider cannabis to prevent cancer?
How is cannabis different than booze?
Can you tell us a cute story about Coral?

Thanks for watching! This episode was filmed live in Santa Cruz, California at UCSC.

Questions answered:
Do you have New Years Resolutions?
SavanaStarshine: How did you deal with anxiety before cannabis?
How would you compare the Firefly and the Pax?
What happened to the fish bong?
Do you have a budget for weed? How do you budget?

Thank you for watching this LIVE episode!

Questions answered:
What were your first experiences with weed?
What do you think about Medical vs Recreational use?
Cali asked: Where did Coral’s scar come from?
How can non smokers advocate?
My parents are against weed, should I tell her?
Has anyone recognized you as “Coral’s mom?”
What advice have you given your daughter?

Reefer Question:
Can you do any smoke tricks? -winner is @bobdylan21
This week – What did you do for Mother’s Day?

Questions answered:
Are you Christian?
Was Jesus a stoner?
If you could be any kind of weed, what would you be?
@Tawni_Lynn- Did you ever find Wendy’s double bud?
@Tamoradontgive- What’s the best way to clean your class?

Reefer question winners:
@stoneystars & @buddbutler

Are you participating in the #stonerphotoaday2013 challenge?

Thank you for watching this LIVE special!

I’ll see you in Colorado for the High Times Magazine Cannabis Cup! I’ll be speaking on 4/20 on the Social Media Panel and I hope to see you there!

Questions answered:
Can you ID a strain on sight?
Do you smoke on the first date?
What would be a good stoney date?
How can you tell a loved one they are smoking too much?
Would you use your super power for good or for evil?

last week’s winner: Stoneybear37
this week’s question: Show me your weedy valentines day spirit!

Questions answered this week:
How can I tell my family I smoke weed?
How important is it to keep dried herb fresh?
Is Harborside still open?
Does your boyfriend get jealous?

Reefer Question:
Last week’s winner: C0penhagenAngel
This week’s Question: What did you give this Christmas?