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Thank you for watching!

Thank you for watching!

Questions answered:
When did Frenchy first start making or smoking hash?
What are the difference between hash, water hash, solventless, ice wax, full melt? What do you prefer?
Any tips for bubble hash in a vape pen?
Where in the world has the best hash?

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Questions answered:
@bonsaibean- When was the last time you smoked schwag?
@idgafbrittanee- Do you have any fears regarding legalization? Children, pets, driving?
@idubby_in_cali- Have you ever hit a piece and had water shoot into your mouth? 😦
@megnedo- I’m trying dabs for the first time soon, anything to expect or that I should know?
@ashweed253- How often do you clean you pieces? Do you have a skin care routine?
Blake- How did you season your quartz nail?

Questions answered:
Lindsay: Sometimes it’s hard for me to be surrounded by people with a strong negative stigma against cannabis. Any tips for staying positive?
@RomeBalls24: Do you monitor your cannabis intake amount?
@HeyYo_Andrew: Does a strong sativa ever give you anxiety?
Countess Chronic: What are your thoughts on women being sexualized in our cannabis community?

Questions answered:
@Iamtswl: What are your thoughts on Nancy Grace’s comments on cannabis?
—I think this video is amazing on the subject: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUU1AOQNbko
Craig- Can smoking cannabis everyday make your memory worse?
–The Pot Book is a great resource! page 373 features and write up with Julie Holland MD and Michael Pollan about why forgetting may actually be beneficial.
@birdswords3: How did you and your boyfriend meet?
Will you show us your kief catchers?
@Latino_Heat420: Have you ever done a dab rolled in kief?
Will you be at _____ Cup?

Stoney Sunday #163

Questions answered:
Logan: what are solventless dabs?
Do you ever see shake in cannabis dispensaries? Have you purchased it?
Did you start watermarking to ensure credit on your photos?
How can I control my weight while consuming cannabis?
Oscar: What do you think about cannabis farmer’s markets?
Amanda: How long after becoming a patient did you start advocating?

Previously recorded in Denver, Colorado during the Secret Cup Finals.

1st place: Mortimer Says
2nd place: Dank Wax, GarageGrow420 and FarmerJohnFourTwenty
3rd place: Chalice Errl
Connoisseurs Cup: Bobby Nuggz

Questions answered:
@SemaJ: Do dabs stay in your system longer than herb?
Are you in a relationship?
Dallas: What advice do you have for a bad breakup?
@Ingleflarbie: What other things can you get in a medical marijuana dispensary?
@rawbinitoo: from someone with anxiety, how easy/hard was speaking at the HT Panel?
Shanly: Do you own a TV?

Reefer Question:
Fav Summer Snack winner: @MadelineRose710
This week: Do you smoke in any hometown locales?

Questions answered:
You have one super power, what is it? -@EastCoastTokeTV
WIll you be at the LA Cannabis Cup?
Why don’t you hold your hits in longer?
Does your Stoney Sunday shirt get a lot of attention? -@JoshMichalski
Have you ever made BHO?

Reefer Question:
Last week’s winner: @Lilnugg93
This week’s question: Where are you using your humidipaks? Show me on instagram and use tag #reeferquestion!

Questions answered:

What happened to News Nug?

What is dabbing, oil, cannabis concentrate?

What do you have planned in Amsterdam? Is adventuring on your list? -@amandachu via twitter with #askstoneysunday

When will you have shirts back in stock?

What did you miss most about recording Stoney Sunday?

Reefer Question: Ever worn a weedy costume for Halloween? What are you this year?