Stoney Sunday #106: Election Special!!

Questions answered:
What were your thoughts on pot before you started smoking?
What are your guilty pleasure TV shows?
Do you support Amendment 64, Measure 80, and I-502?
Why call it pot? Cannabis vs Marijuana
Can you put wax into the Pax?

Reefer Question:
What is your favorite kind of doughnut?



7 thoughts on “Stoney Sunday #106: Election Special!!

  1. Coral Fish, you always know what to say! 🙂 Amazing episode and I wish the episodes were like this all the time because its like watching TV but with you. So much better and the length was great! Xoxo, Jade ❤

  2. Coral Fish, I’m soo glad you’re back! Although I will miss Rose Pants, you guys are amazing and so smart! Keep it up cannibis guiness’s! 😉
    Xoxoxo, Kattastic420! ❤ ;*

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