Stoney Sunday #107: Do you believe in recreational use?

Questions answered:

What’s up with Smokey Santa?

@MegSaps asked: How much safer did you feel after obtaining your medical marijuana card?

Can tourists buy weed in Amsterdam?

Do you believe in recreational use?


3 thoughts on “Stoney Sunday #107: Do you believe in recreational use?

  1. You’re totally going to F-ing LOVE Europe. Fo-real. Listening to your “chocolate with sprinkles, chocolate and chocolate, chocolate and coconut,” I just want to tell you what you likely already know, that pastries ooze from the Amsterdam corridors in the small brick shops, and that your chocolate fix shouldn’t be too tough to score. I have written you a letter that’ll be getting out with the morning post, but on the off chance that you don’t get it in time, I thought you might like to taste the Manneken Pis Frites. They are delicious all the time. Order an Obelix of your choosing from the stand near central station 1 for the tram/trollies. It is across the canal from The Grasshopper if you’re walking into the red light district from central station and has a statue in the sidewalk immediately before it.of a great cone of fries. it’s been 22 months since I was last in Amsterdam, but you’ll see she’s an easy city to enjoy, and a day trip to Paris is mildly fashionable in the late autumn, just hop on a train an in five hours, maybe six, you’re looking at that iconic brown spire, I’ve never seen the tower in the snow, sounds nice enough.

    Oh, also, I know you have said you aren’t a go out and drink a lot type, but, the House of Bols tour was well worth the money and still stands as the best tour we’ve ever taken. And included in your tour ticket price are two tokens to the bar which you get to at the end of the tour, each token is exchanged for a cocktail. Plus complimentary are four shots of their various liquors.

    Peace, have fun, safe travels, and not that this should be a problem where you’re going, stay high.

      1. You’re most welcome. Also, I was having a Cappuccino this morning and a subject came up which prompted me to mention this post which in turn led to a recapitulation of past journeys and my facts were checked – the train from Amsterdam to Paris would be faster than that time, I’ve not personally taken the train, but 5-6 hours is what the trip takes by car give or take traffic, indeed, the train would be more likely 3 hours.
        Lookin forward to the Amsterdam Special. Keep having fun.

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