Stoney Sunday #93: Differences with Grinders

Questions answered:

Is making your own honey oil with a honey bee extractor safe? with the butane and all? whats the safest solvent to use?

Do you suggest a wooden, plastic or metal grinder? Can you explain the differences?

What are the funnest things you do when you’re high? I mean like you only do it once in a while but it’s SUPER fun…

Have you ever burped smoke after taking a hit?

Reefer Q of the week: have you ever made/blown smoke bubbles?

3 thoughts on “Stoney Sunday #93: Differences with Grinders

  1. i was out of green when i watched this episode so i resorted to smoking the resin out of my pipe…sad stoney sunday

  2. I only ever blow bubbles when i’m smoking a hookah, and that I only pack with tobacco. I feel like when your making a really dense bubble actually inhaling and letting that smoke get sort of absorbed into your lungs ruins it and doesn’t make a thick milky bubble. and that would be a waste of cannabis. i don’t mind wasting the tobacco nearly as much.

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