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Stoney Sunday #104

What’s the big deal with Bogglegum?

If you could go back in time for recess what was the activity you would partake in?

I’ve found some seeds in my buds recently. Is it possible to try and grow with these seeds?

Are you ever going to come back to stoney sunday?

Reefer Q of the week: Do you like star wars?

Questions answered:
Have you ever used hot water in your bong? Seems like a smoother rip to me.
do any followers ever tell you that they watch stoney sunday on a different day than sunday?
What is your tip for saving kief up?

This video is kinda old but … how do you feel about this guys opinion ?
Okay this may be a little dumb but, seeing as your vegetarian would you smoke bacon flavoured juicy jays?
Reefer Q of the week: have you ever had to deal with someone who is as passionate as the gingers have no souls kid, in your real life? Not just online.


Questions answered:

for the 100th episode of stoney sunday, you should show an old picture of coral & rose when you both were younger
have u ever smoked a joint from a bong?
What are you gonna be for Halloween?
Was it hard to get used to talking to the camera when you’re stoned?
have u ever tried weed tea & what did u think of the finale of weeds
Reefer Q of the week- what are your stoner basics? The 101

Questions Answered:

What is your favorite pipe or tube in your collection and why??
After cleaning my bong with rubbing alcohol and salt (like super spotless clean), whenever I smoke I get a really bad resin taste to my weed.  Am I doing something wrong?

Have you ever drank bong water?

If you were to get married, would you smoke before the ceremony or would you want to be sober for it?

Wich do you prefer hot fudge Sunday or banana split??

Reefer Q of the week: what has been your favorite part or moment about SS?

Stoney Sunday #98

Questions answered:

I got a new pipe, and I bought metal screens, but they won’t stay in the bowl, any help?

What happened to Coral’s computer thing?

Have you ever smoked a popper? (tobacco and weed in a bong?)

What should I do if  a family member steals my weed?

Do people ever try to make you feel ashamed for smoking weed?

Reefer Question: Have you participated in Smokey Santa yet or do you plan to?

RIP Penguin bowl!

Questions answered:

Have you thought about making an intro/outro for Stoney Sunday?

Can I put my bong in the dishwasher?

Have you tried a G-Pen, or A-Pen, or portable oil vaporizer?

What are you thinking while hitting the bong on Stoney Sunday?


Enjoy this week’s LIVE episode of Stoney Sunday, recorded with Rosepants on Ustream earlier this afternoon!

Questions answered:

do you think getting pets stoned is abuse?
What are your thoughts on the upcoming legalization ballot votes in Washington (I-502) and Colorado (Amendment 64) this November?
have you ever used any other liquid in your bong besides water? If so, what was your experience?
What’s a fun game to play with others when you’re all smoking?
Reefer Q of the week: did you watch the Olympics hella stoned? What was your favorite event?

Questions answered:

Is making your own honey oil with a honey bee extractor safe? with the butane and all? whats the safest solvent to use?

Do you suggest a wooden, plastic or metal grinder? Can you explain the differences?

What are the funnest things you do when you’re high? I mean like you only do it once in a while but it’s SUPER fun…

Have you ever burped smoke after taking a hit?

Reefer Q of the week: have you ever made/blown smoke bubbles?

Questions Answered:

my friend/brother/insert person- got busted for smoking and now hes making me pick between smoking or our friendship but smoking helps my depression what should I do?

When I smoke a pipe I always inhale a bunch of bud/ash. Help! What am I doing wrong?

Do you believe in aliens?! 🙂

What kind of piece do you recommend for a secret stoner?

Reefer Q of the week: Do you have a stoner pet? Or they stay away? No pets?