Stoney Sunday #99: What has been your favorite SS moment?

Questions Answered:

What is your favorite pipe or tube in your collection and why??
After cleaning my bong with rubbing alcohol and salt (like super spotless clean), whenever I smoke I get a really bad resin taste to my weed.  Am I doing something wrong?

Have you ever drank bong water?

If you were to get married, would you smoke before the ceremony or would you want to be sober for it?

Wich do you prefer hot fudge Sunday or banana split??

Reefer Q of the week: what has been your favorite part or moment about SS?

2 thoughts on “Stoney Sunday #99: What has been your favorite SS moment?

  1. High Rose, I remember quite a few months back now when you recommended Hunter S. Thompson as stoney reading material, so if you’re a fan, as I am assuming you to be, there is an interview Tom Wolfe did for Time in which he talks about a typical night out with Hunter. I don’t want to spoil it for you, so enjoy.

    p.s. Black looks good on you.

    1. Hello, when the video first started playing I said to myself,” She looks very attractive” Then you mentioned you were not wearing your glasses. You are always beautiful and your glasses are becoming to you but you really are gorgeous. I wear glasses too. You should consider the Laser eye surgery. May be worth it. I hear in the long run it costs less to have that done than to buy new glasses year after year. Peace.

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