2 thoughts on “Stoney Sunday #97 What’s your favorite candy?

  1. Re: Reefer Q – May of 2010 my girlfriend and I made a camping trip into the ponderosa pine forest of the Mogion Rim within the political borders of Arizona, US. Upon return, the camping supplies were put away. For the 2010-11 New Years we traveled to Europe and, returning at the end of January, I was unpacking and tidying up, rearranging those old camping supplies as I made room for the luggage, when I happened across the box with the buds from that camping trip the May before. I had already some very nice Bubba Kush and so, while good for a retrospective laugh about the whimsy of how things come in and out of life, it was set aside in lieu of the fresh flower. It sat in my desk until late one night in June it occurred to me that it was still there. I threw on Sticky Fingers and rolled it all into a cone before getting to some personal letters I’d procrastinated until the week of our month long foray into the White Shell region of Manitoba, Canada. It appeared to me to be quite well preserved and I can attest that it still held much its former potency. Which is all well and good, but upon review seems like a longwinded way to say, “I smoked year-old weed.”

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