Stoney Sunday #92: Do you believe in aliens?

Questions Answered:

my friend/brother/insert person- got busted for smoking and now hes making me pick between smoking or our friendship but smoking helps my depression what should I do?

When I smoke a pipe I always inhale a bunch of bud/ash. Help! What am I doing wrong?

Do you believe in aliens?! 🙂

What kind of piece do you recommend for a secret stoner?

Reefer Q of the week: Do you have a stoner pet? Or they stay away? No pets?

8 thoughts on “Stoney Sunday #92: Do you believe in aliens?

  1. I quite enjoy watching on the site. And interestingly enough, I too recently broke my first piece of glass which was actually my brother’s chillum, so neither have I lost part of my own collection.
    Re: The Reefer Q – My dog used to get up and walk away as soon as the first spark, this was until my brother, my girlfriend, a mutual friend, and I had a hot box session in my office and realized that the dog had been enclosed when we’d drawn the door and hadn’t whined or bothered to alert us in any way, she was incredibly influenced thereafter and has henceforth retained, from what may reasonably be assumed to be an indelible initiation, a chronic habitation of wherever we may enkindle or vaporize, at times strolling in from rooms a story above or below and settling at our feet.

  2. My cat loves to be in the room with me when I smoke and will often sit in my lap, or at least very close by. Mostly in my lap though. And then she’ll sniff the air when I blow the smoke out. She’s sooo cute.

  3. My dog Aurora lays at my feet everytime i smoke and on occasion she will get in my lap and let me give her a shotgun, this dog also likes to eat alot of bud lol she’s sweet, she gets stoney and lays down for a nap or goes outside and plays, love yalls show, big fan, my pup likes watching yall also, she says hi lol

  4. The episode this week was very interesting but i am a longtime fan along with my Brother LoboKush92 and we would like to see if yall would like to come to kentucky and visit if you and coral would like to get ahold of me and let us know you can send me an email and we will discuss

  5. Hey Rose! I have a HUGE question, I think it would be AMAZING if your boyfriend did a show with you!!! and do you two have a little “ritual” when you smoke, Like my fiance and I have a time after work where we put on a crazy funny show and light up our individual bongs : ) of course they aren’t always around when we smoke, but if you are chilling together I mean. Keep up the good work!
    Re: The Reefer Q : I have a cat Coco, she all black with long hair, and bright green eyes, When we smoke I give her cat nip so I feel like she can get high too lol, so as she rolls around in it and we smoke she starts purring up next to us and sniffing @ the smoke, then she eats when we have our munchies and has HUGE pupils just as we do lol, and then she sleeps for a loonnng cat nap. ❤

  6. I have a chihuahua who looovveess to come sit in my lap or at my feet, when I smoke. I smoke generally around the same time every morning, and she knows that so she will go sit outside where I usually sit and wait for me. Or she will try to take my bag that holds my weed. She’s totally into it lol.

  7. since the time i blew smoke in my dogs face, he always follows me when i go outside to smoke and stays there until i finish, i love that dog :DD

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