STONEY SUNDAY #85: Do you smoke resin?

Questions Answered:
What words other than “high” do you use to say that you’re really high?
Do you eat the stems when you are breaking up a nug?
What do you think about TV ads that would promote the awareness of the benefits cannabis, or any ad in general? Is even possible?
Do either you or Coral ever scrape your pieces and smoke the resin?
Reefer Q of the week: do you have any fun Stoney (or sober) summer plans?

4 thoughts on “STONEY SUNDAY #85: Do you smoke resin?

  1. Resin to me is to nasty to smoke plain. I’d rather ISO wash my pipes and turn the resin into black hash

  2. My summer plans are to get the word out about Amendment 64. The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol. Please HELP get the word out! Allows for legal cultivation of industrial hemp. I just got done watching all of the Stoney Sundays today! But #5, must be the one youtube pulled. #’s 74, 77 & 82 are not on Stoney’s page. Colorado could use the help of your viewers to get the word out! Vote YES on 64 this Noverber 6th. You Both are doing a Great Job. Thank you, J. Marc ps we have a TV ad on the web page about Marijuana.

  3. I smoke my resin , which I save when clearing out my bowl, ONLY when I run out of weed, which isn’t often, I wondered myself if others smoke theirs, by the way just started watched “STONEY SUNDAY” and I LOVE IT! simply fun and chill to smoke and watch ❤

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