STONEY SUNDAY #84: Favorite Scent of Incense?

Questions Answered:

Do you enjoy going to the cinema whilst extremely baked?
How do you both hold in your hits and talk. Whenever i try it just comes out of my mouth while im talking
Do you like smoking out the Gas Mask?
Is it wrong to ask my boyfriend who just finished a horticulture degree to help grow my own weed, even though he’s still on the fence about weed?
Do you burn incense? What are your favorite flavors?
If you were in a room with all the weed you have ever smoked in your life so far, what would be your first reaction/what would you do?
Reefer Q of the week: Have you moved as a stoner? How did you pack up your pieces? If you haven’t moved, have you taken pieces on a trip, etc

2 thoughts on “STONEY SUNDAY #84: Favorite Scent of Incense?

  1. Re: Reefer Q – Moved last year with all my glass pieces. Packed everything in one crate with shitloads of tissue paper and packing materials. Kept that crate wedged safely on the floor of my car while everything else I owned bounced around the back of the moving truck. Not one piece broken!

  2. Before smoking with a medical marijuana card, where were some of the places you would smoke? In your room, forest?

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