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Stoney Sunday #89 – take 2

Stoney Sunday #88

If you could get high with any cartoon character, who would it be and why?
New to Stoney Sunday, how did you & Coral meet?
Have you ever drunk cannabis wine? If not would you like to?
What would you take with you that was weed related on a camping/kayaking trip?

Reefer Q of the week: are you going to the high times cannabis cup next week?

Questions Answered:
What words other than “high” do you use to say that you’re really high?
Do you eat the stems when you are breaking up a nug?
What do you think about TV ads that would promote the awareness of the benefits cannabis, or any ad in general? Is even possible?
Do either you or Coral ever scrape your pieces and smoke the resin?
Reefer Q of the week: do you have any fun Stoney (or sober) summer plans?

Questions Answered:

Do you enjoy going to the cinema whilst extremely baked?
How do you both hold in your hits and talk. Whenever i try it just comes out of my mouth while im talking
Do you like smoking out the Gas Mask?
Is it wrong to ask my boyfriend who just finished a horticulture degree to help grow my own weed, even though he’s still on the fence about weed?
Do you burn incense? What are your favorite flavors?
If you were in a room with all the weed you have ever smoked in your life so far, what would be your first reaction/what would you do?
Reefer Q of the week: Have you moved as a stoner? How did you pack up your pieces? If you haven’t moved, have you taken pieces on a trip, etc

Lightning round edition!
1. How well can you see without glasses?
2. Any advice on how to use hash oil without owning a skillet or nail?
3. Would you smoke “spice” for $10,000?
4. When was the first time you smoked pot ?
5. Do you like edibles or smoking more?
6. How long does 1 gram usually last you?
7. Do you or coral smoke cigarettes? have you ever?
8. Have you ever hit a lung??
9. Do you ever like to smoke using a bubbler?
10. If you have a hit left in the bowl and you want to smoke more do you pack right on top of the ashy dead bowl or do you take the ass hit to pack fresh new green
11. have u ever been to a rave and did ecstacy?
12. If legalized, do you think that there should be age restrictions on cannabis?
13. I know there is reefer question of the week. But what happened to the dumb question of the week.?
14. have you thought of what you are going to do for stoney sunday #100?
15. Can you identify (any) strains simply by smell or taste?

Question answered:
What to tell your 23 year old disapproving daughter about cannabis?
Do you think about being a mom?
Would you smoke with your kids?
Have you ever smoked with your mom?
Has your mom ever asked for weed?
Help! My parents busted me, what should I do?