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Questions answered:
Is there an age limit in Amsterdam Coffee shops?
Do they actually serve coffee or is that code?
Do you prefer coffee or tea?
Does Amsterdam have a personal cannabis weight limit?
Did you find any good doughnuts in Amsterdam?

Roll one up and enjoy!

Questions answered:
What the story behind your name RosePants?
Have you ever taken a toke on the toilet?
What is the device you use to take dabs with called?
Have you ever tried smoking through your nose?
Besides 4/20 and of course stoney sunday do you have any other weed related traditions?
Reefer Q of the week: Where is the most tropical place you’ve ever smoked?

Questions answered:
What do you think of tolerance breaks from cannabis?
Any advice for college students trying to focus on school and smoke?
What papers do you prefer for rolling joints? Favorite blunts?
How would you feel about dating your dealer? or If you were dealing, would you consider dating one of your clients?
Where would be the most amazing place for you to medicate and relax?
Would you ever convert to islam?