Stoney Sunday #69: Any Weedy Traditions?

Roll one up and enjoy!

Questions answered:
What the story behind your name RosePants?
Have you ever taken a toke on the toilet?
What is the device you use to take dabs with called?
Have you ever tried smoking through your nose?
Besides 4/20 and of course stoney sunday do you have any other weed related traditions?
Reefer Q of the week: Where is the most tropical place you’ve ever smoked?

2 thoughts on “Stoney Sunday #69: Any Weedy Traditions?

  1. Oh also the whole ‘passing to the left’ thing comes from N. American settlers observing the natives’ smoking circles, where when it was passed to the right it was tobacco and settlers could join the circle, but to the left was a ‘medicine smoke’ which they were forbidden to take part of.

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