Stoney Sunday #109: Amsterdam part 2!

Questions answered:
Is there an age limit in Amsterdam Coffee shops?
Do they actually serve coffee or is that code?
Do you prefer coffee or tea?
Does Amsterdam have a personal cannabis weight limit?
Did you find any good doughnuts in Amsterdam?

4 thoughts on “Stoney Sunday #109: Amsterdam part 2!

    1. There are myriad constraints that you’ve to factor something like that. How long do you want to stay? Do you want to do any tours? Museums? Do you want to go out to eat and try the local foods?

  1. It is entirely acceptable to love doughnuts to the point of differentiated experiences. I do not drink poor scotch nor any other pandering thing. It is why I only accept one kind of screen – it is a 24k gold screen so as to be nonreactive. My brother turned me onto them when I was still living at home, they’re excellent.

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