2 thoughts on “Stoney Sunday #110: Back in America!

  1. It’s an oddity to sit in the space of revelation, that most peculiar of revelations which irrevocably alters the precept of motion, upsets the notion of space, and you realize in a visceral and unrelenting fashion that not a day ago you were on a continent an ocean away or sometimes two continents away. There is, I think, only experiencing it, for else there is uttered no tongue whose subtle cues can command us to this – it is a living moment in which there exists duality from the paradigm of ourselves as we were before and that of what we’ve become, that through the moment the idea of existing as one had in the past becomes nearly baseless and hollowed out as we’ve been pierced by our apocalypse, and in the infinite moment, when we are listening well, we can glimpse many more perspectives and be imbued with myriad possibility. That’s the most badass part about doing something for yourself because you want it enough to go for it whether that’s hopping on a plane and trekking into the Netherlands to smoke copiously cannabis or taking a year off of everything to walk and bike and camp up the West Coast from Chilean Patagonia to Alaska. But the decompression is always strange and uncomfortable at the end of any such personal endeavoring. Cheers to your journey reconciliation.
    Keep having fun.

  2. Girlll my husband & I were at the Cup (I’m actually pretty sure I saw you :O) & I’ve felt like absolute shit ever since we got back! I completely agree that travelling that much can definitely take a toll on your body, we’ve been home for more than a week & I’m JUST starting to feel better now -_____-

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