Stoney Sunday #64: Let’s Make an Apple Pipe!

Questions answered:
What do you think of tolerance breaks from cannabis?
Any advice for college students trying to focus on school and smoke?
What papers do you prefer for rolling joints? Favorite blunts?
How would you feel about dating your dealer? or If you were dealing, would you consider dating one of your clients?
Where would be the most amazing place for you to medicate and relax?
Would you ever convert to islam?

One thought on “Stoney Sunday #64: Let’s Make an Apple Pipe!

  1. I once smoked tge 300 raw pack on 4/20 of 2011. One of the defining moments of my life.. Tinfoil does not cause any health problems. My friends dad is a chemist and told me that the only way you could get alzheimers was if you werent smokong anything, but were just smoking the aluminum foil. Witch hopefully no one would do

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