7 years of Stoney Sunday shirts & 10 years of the Stoney Sunday series!!

Hemp Stoney Sunday shirts are back! 3 new shirts are now available for preorder, you can select your shirts and sizes to preorder from THIS LINK anytime between August 23rd and September 6th. There will be a small surprise 10 year anniversary celebration design on the back of all 3 shirts.

There are 3 new shirts available, although 1 is a Patreon exclusive special edition! Join my patreon page and get your access code for this orange shirt on


Teal is a brand new color for the Stoney Sunday palette, and the classic smokey print is perfect to show off how you spend your Sundays. Preorder this shirt from the listing available on THIS LINK.

Teal was the winning color choice decided by Patreon world reefers! I love it!

The final release of this batch might be my favorite… a new blocky graphic print on a fresh white shirt for you to tie dye!! I can’t wait to see everyone’s colorful creations, tag me (@ coralreefer420 & @ stoneysunday) so I can see! Preorder this shirt from the listing available on THIS LINK.

Fresh white and ready to tie dye! Let’s collaborate and create some colorful fun shirts!

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