Stoney Sunday is turning 10!

🥳 YALLLLLL!!! Stoney Sunday turns 10 this month!!! 10 years of Sunday seshes and Stoney memories, even during the breaks the #worldreefers never let it end. This is worth celebrating!!! 🥳


Every Sunday morning I’ll share the stream link in my Instagram story and invite you to come join the sesh, I’ve missed getting Stoney with you all and hope you’ll come say high like old times. It’s a month long birthday party!

Let’s talk pot, a decade of memories, answer questions I’ve always avoided or maybe ones you were too afraid to ask!

If one month of streams just isn’t enough #stoneysunday for you, join my patreon page where I’ve been streaming every Sunday and will be releasing a small batch of the #stoneysundayshirt next week!!

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