15 thoughts on “why I QUIT (kind of…)

  1. Wow your thoughts about the industry opened my eyes up to a lot of the greed that is produced not that I haven’t always seen it but just recently noticing all of the people that I like that are in the industry that are doing their thing that I look up to I just feel like there really greedy in REAL LIFE but !?!? Man what a discussion??so much to think about … thank you so much for doing what you do ! Coral reefer I can only hope to have a chance to meet you one day and tell you how much i appreciate the activism!
    From a random fan, -Ben Zoe

  2. Hi Coral,

    Don’t know how to view your videos anymore. When I clicked on “video”, a fairly large number of photos of you, which I assume are Stoney Sunday episodes, appear but when I click on the photo, like today’s 1 July 2018 photo, nothing happens. Your video doesn’t come up on my computer monitor’s screen. I was always a faithful Stoney Sunday fan, when you were with youtube and I even met you a couple times within the last 5 years when you were in Sacramento at the Florin Wellness Center medical cannabis dispensary.

    1. Hello! The video should appear after clicking my photo, have you refreshed and allowed it to fully load? I’ll check on my end to see if I’ve made a mistake posting it too

  3. Fully understand and agree that the majority of people in the industry can and are shady. Major reason why I am super picky on what companies I want to associate with as both an individual and with my own company CannaCharms.
    No matter what you choose to do know that i will always support and follow you Coral. I’ve followed you (old name was @melparentidesigns) for what seems like forever, I remember and was so excited for you when you left waitressing. And I know you will continue to grow and be amazing in your new adventure. Always have a friend in Las Vegas hun 😉 I’m gonna make you one of my new under the sea stash jars cause you are awesome and for no other reason then to help show that there are awesome people in the industry that want nothing more than friendship. Next time you’re in vegas hit me up so we can sash. Love ya girlie always 😘

  4. Love you Coral ❤️ I’m 23 and when I was 17 I found your channel while I was going through a tough time. I didn’t even smoke weed then I just enjoyed Stoney Sunday and you! Once I started thinking about smoking, you’re who I’d turn to for questions because guaranteed someone else would ask the same thing. And it would make my whole week when you’d use a question I’d submit. I actually bid on and received one of the very first pipes you made. It was light blue with almost a pink hue to it and had a little donut shape in the middle. I loved watching you through the years and I’m sorry for how the cannabis industry treated you because you treated it very honorably! I still rock the first ever “This is my Stoney Sunday shirt.” Hope you find an amazing new path! Much love

  5. Honey! You’ll do amazing things in what ever you do. Your standing for what you believe in, how WE as your fans ask you to do so. You rock keep it up and have faith👍👍👍

  6. Honestly, I agree so much with what you’ve said. It just seems lately like the cannabis industry is becoming a money generator and not a community anymore (generally on the business end, not individual people so much). Everyone seems to be out for themselves rather than helping everyone or looking out for the greater good of the industry. I have felt a bit of this myself, both when I lived in a legal state and now in an illegal state. I wish so much for genuine interactions, especially with businesses. I want to support and care about an industry that equally cares about its consumers. I hope in time we’ll get there. I just wanted to express that I definitely understand where you’re coming from and support those decisions you’ve made for yourself. That can be incredibly difficult. Best of luck finding your own way and keep your head held high. We’re all with you cheering you on. 🙂

  7. It is so exciting to see you focusing on yourself and what you want to be doing, your passion and commitment will show in your work and I can’t wait to see where your art takes you. You kick ass, remember that always. You are smart, driven, hard working and talented- you inspire so many to do what they love, speak up when they see injustice and fight for what they are passionate about. Keep being yourself and you’ll be just fine. And, the world around you will be better for it.

  8. Hi Coral!
    I just wanted to say that you are awesome and I totally respect your decision! ❤
    Watching your accounts get deleted from YouTube and stuff was maddening. So ridiculous!
    I admire you for wanting the right things and loving the right things that deal with cannabis!
    Myself and my fiance are huge lovers of, supporters of, and advocates for it as well… it has helped us tremendously with so many things! I could type for days! Lol

    We have been following you online for a long time and think you are awesome! Thank you so much for sharing so many amazing videos and so much information/truth! I admire you and your passion and courage to share the truth! Rock on, sister. 👊❤
    As a person dealing with Multiple Sclerosis, I especially know how amazing cannabis is personally. It’s my medicine. It helps me in sooo many different ways!
    It also saved me by helping me get off of a very strong antidepressant that I had been on for about 7 or 8 years-ish… The withdrawals weening off of it were incredibly awful but I wanted to power through…it got incredibly rough but cannabis, a God given, NATURAL PLANT saved me and got me through it!! I have been free from a horrible pharmaceutical drug, that was awful for my body, for over a year now! ❤ 🎉❤🎉🙏❤🙏❤🎉🎉

    My fiance (who has his OWN testimony)
    and I recently had the incredible honor to share my testimony at a San Diego cannabis advocacy meeting. I would love to connect with you and share the video of it if you’d like see it. Let me know. ❤ No pressure!
    We used to live up by you and frequent amazing Santa Cruz❤We loooove it there. Gorgeous❤🌞🌊🌴 Come down and hang out sometime! Come to a meeting! That would be awesome.👏😀

    Anyway, THANK YOU again for ALL you do!…You rock!..and your glass is amazing…Live YOUR dreams, lady! We are NEVER too old to switch gears and we SHOULD live to the fullest…Enjoy EVERY second of the journey and adventure! 🌞
    We wish you nothing but blessings, breakthroughs, flowing creativity you never imagined, success, and peace.
    Much love❤ Keep rocking you.❤🙏☝👊🎉❤

  9. I wouldn’t want to put my name on and vouch for anyone else either. I’m continuously seeing people that are so “nice” being terrible people deep down. It truly is greed and misogyny that runs every industry.

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