Stoney Sunday #113: How can I tell my parents I smoke weed?

Questions answered this week:
How can I tell my family I smoke weed?
How important is it to keep dried herb fresh?
Is Harborside still open?
Does your boyfriend get jealous?

Reefer Question:
Last week’s winner: C0penhagenAngel
This week’s Question: What did you give this Christmas?

3 thoughts on “Stoney Sunday #113: How can I tell my parents I smoke weed?

  1. Sorry to alert that I’ll be unavailable for the live show. But I’ve good reasons: I’m in Cali on vacation. I’m sure we’ll all have fun in any case.
    Happy holidays all around.

  2. Easy, I got stage four cancer, was told that I only had two months left and was going to smoke out instead of zoning out on opioids for the massive pain. I didn’t care what anyone thought. Well that was two years ago and the wicked talented surgeons, radiologists and my kick-butt chemotherapy guy got it all. My family got to keep their husband/father sans a few parts. While I was left with a lot of nerve pain my MD hands down prefers me using cannabis over opioids.

    Without cannabis I’d be in a 24/7 opioid semi coma and useless. Cannabis brought my life back to something worth living, made me happy, and that made my parents happy.

    Tell your parents you love them, remind them you are a responsible person and this helps you deal with the world. With it you can make better choices and be a better person. And you will only toke at home where it’s safe. Always remember, no matter what you might think they love you very much.

    Forgot what I just said if you’re not living up to your potential.

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