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Questions answered:
Can you ID a strain on sight?
Do you smoke on the first date?
What would be a good stoney date?
How can you tell a loved one they are smoking too much?
Would you use your super power for good or for evil?

last week’s winner: Stoneybear37
this week’s question: Show me your weedy valentines day spirit!

Answered too many questions to keep track! Thank you all for watching!

This week’s Reefer Question:
Show me your pet! Use hashtag #reeferquestion on instagram to be eligible!

Questions answered:
You have one super power, what is it? -@EastCoastTokeTV
WIll you be at the LA Cannabis Cup?
Why don’t you hold your hits in longer?
Does your Stoney Sunday shirt get a lot of attention? -@JoshMichalski
Have you ever made BHO?

Reefer Question:
Last week’s winner: @Lilnugg93
This week’s question: Where are you using your humidipaks? Show me on instagram and use tag #reeferquestion!

Questions answered:
Do you ever put ice in your bong?
Do you smoke hookah?
My friend had a bas experience with weed once and now won’t touch the stuff, what can I do?
Do you think parenting while high is bad?
Do you think cannabis could be a weigh loss supplement?

Reefer question – Do you have any weedy accessories or jewelry or clothes? Show em off and use tag #reeferquestion on instagram to be sure I see em!

Questions answered:
What’s up with Smokey Santa and Stoney Sunday shirt shipping?
What do you think about the online stoner community and the competitiveness?
Aside from the pot leaves, do you have any other tattoos?
Do you pay tax on pot?
Who holds your camera?

Reefer question:
What’s your favorite edible/recipe?

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Here are the details on tomorrow’s LIVE recording of Stoney Sunday #114:

  • The show will begin around 3:30pm PST
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See you tomorrow on USTREAM at 3:30!

Questions answered this week:
How can I tell my family I smoke weed?
How important is it to keep dried herb fresh?
Is Harborside still open?
Does your boyfriend get jealous?

Reefer Question:
Last week’s winner: C0penhagenAngel
This week’s Question: What did you give this Christmas?

Questions answered:
What can I do in _______ to get involved with legalization?

Groups mentioned: Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Americans Safe Access, NORML, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

How different do you think the world would be if everyone smoked cannabis? -@yoitscheech

What was the outcome of your first attempt at rolling?

Why do you prefer to grind your bud? -Ganjee


Reefer Question:
Winner from last week – @Grim_Reefer420!!
This week’s question – What do you do with the last inch of humboldt wick? – @KnowYourPot

Questions answered:

What’s up with Smokey Santa?

What was your favorite episode to record?

What would you do if YouTube banned you?

Why do Stoney Sunday shirts’ sales get shut down?

Reefer Question:

last week’s winner: @TheActionStation

This week’s question: Do you ration your weed?