Stoney Sunday #115: Do CA pot clubs pay sales tax?

Questions answered:
What’s up with Smokey Santa and Stoney Sunday shirt shipping?
What do you think about the online stoner community and the competitiveness?
Aside from the pot leaves, do you have any other tattoos?
Do you pay tax on pot?
Who holds your camera?

Reefer question:
What’s your favorite edible/recipe?

3 thoughts on “Stoney Sunday #115: Do CA pot clubs pay sales tax?

  1. Great last question to go out on hahah I kind have wondered and guessed you did it like that to shoot yourself. To answer the favourite you haven’t seen in a long time would be Purple Skywalker but I found out my dealer was just a name maker. This purple was very very tasty and I wish I could know what it really was. 😦
    Stay high Coral!
    Always smokin,

  2. Heyy Coral ,

    I havent had too many edibles ; however , my husband makes edibles w/ a saltine cracker & nutella .. If they are made strong enough , the end result is most definetly the best body high I have experienced so far . As a matter of fact , i’ll have him whip us up a batch ! Lol ; Stay High !!

  3. Very unfortunate to hear Google is stonewalling you. I’ve ne’er known Headband’s delicious fruits, sounds swell.

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