Stoney Sunday #103: A Dab Episode!

Questions answered:

Have you ever bought more grunge off or is it infinitely reusable?

Do you smoke joints without the use of a roach?

If/ When you have children, would/ will you let them smoke pot when in there teen years?

How did you incorporate weed during your  college days ?

When can I order my Stoney Sunday t shirt again?

Reefer Q of the week: What is the one question you’ve always wanted to ask rosepants?

One thought on “Stoney Sunday #103: A Dab Episode!

  1. Thanks Rose, for the year. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching your hosting the show.
    A question that arose from a recent series of dreams I had on successive nights is a compound matter and is as follows: have you ever imbibed cannabis in any of its forms, by any means of administration in a dreamstate? And if your response is in the affirmative, do you receive any of its physical or mental affectations, for I found in this succession of dreams in which I smoked, that I did not (and upon further inquest realized I have not ever) manifest any entry into a marijuana state of consciousness prompting exploration into others’ experiences? Lastly, and excuse me if this doesn’t formally meet the SS criteria, but what do dreams mean to you, how do you think of them, what have you found of them, and how do they play into your experience?
    p.s. the dab episode – an excellent idea.
    Enjoy your week, and have fun.

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