Stoney Sunday #66: Stoney Friendships? Stoney jobs?

Questions answered:
What about stoney friends? instead of relationships, can friends who usually do nothing much but smoke together keep being friends after only 1 of them decides to stop smoking and the other continues?
Are the Acrylic grinders as good as the metal grinders?
What is your opinion on the Toy Story movies?
Do you ever Hawaiian hotbox your bathroom?
What is the best stoner job you ever had?
How should I obtain my Medical Marijuana card without an illness?

3 thoughts on “Stoney Sunday #66: Stoney Friendships? Stoney jobs?

  1. A stoney job that I’ve done is being a life guard at a neighbor hood private pool I thought it was the best stoney job Ever because there weren’t that mean people there because it’s a small private pool and you get to sit out and tan then go into the office and eat free candy and do pretty much nothing

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