76 thoughts on “Stoney Sunday LIVE

  1. How do you approach your doctor about getting a medical canibse card in the state of Washington ? And what am I able to buy when I do get my card can I buy anything or am I limited?

  2. Omg ❤ ❤ ❤ from south fla. Joints bowls and 3 different kinds of wax all day. #stoneysundays all day… Just love. No questions. Your the ish girrly. Im a fan

  3. that wasn’t really a good question haha…how about have you smoked out of that pendant yet? and if not will you now on this live episode? 😀

  4. Question: do you feel smoking flowers and concentrates out of the same bong, affects the taste of the smoke after passing through the bong water? Hi stash ❤

    I just started dabbing, and have been using a quartz nail. I see most people using titanium nails. What is the advantage to the titanium nail? Should I buy it? I don’t dab daily, but I want to keep doing it occasionally.

  6. What is the information like on how cannabis is grown in dispensaries? Ive seen some of your buds say organic but if it doesnt say organic does that necessarily mean it is definitely grown with chemicals/pesticides and are they still present in the dried bud?(or concentrate)

  7. Coral, I’m not getting all the peoples comments and questions and I do not know of mine are getting posted!!! I’m here for news nug though! 💖

  8. Still rather smoke a j or blunt over dabs. Yes wax gets me more baked probably but…#oldschoolstoner #needthasmoke

  9. Coral, it was South Portland Maine that had the marijuana referendum. It passed, and recreational marijuana is now legal at the city level in South Portland Maine as well as Portland. This is part of a push to get recreational marijuana legalized in the state of Maine.

    1. what kind of brand of glass would you recommend for a first time buyer? i want to invest in a good piece that i can keep for a long time

  10. Yay this is my first time actually making it to see s toney sunday live I always end up watching monday im so exited!!! What do you think is the best nail for dabbling I recently got a small rig and stated dabbling and love it but need suggestions on what’s best

    P.s. I stated using hemp wicks when I seen you using it and I love it!

  11. I just noticed your cool write tattoo- what is it of if you don’t mind sharing? I think tattoos are addicting, I’ve got four with six, seven more planned :]

  12. just started this week watching your sunday shows i think you are f****** brilliant. I wish the laws were the same here in Scotland.

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