2 thoughts on “Stoney Sunday #220: HempCon Cup

  1. I love watching your show and love everything you do and such a beautiful woman and Im glad to be apart and when was the first time you smoke and whats your fav strand of weed

  2. You Seem Like A Totally Awesome Chick, Real Down To Earth & Not Afraid To Be Yourself!! I Really Look Forward To Hopefully One Day Being Able To Have A Smoke Sesh With You & Have Some Interesting Conversations!! One Thing I Definitely Love To Do While Stoned Is Learning New Things!! OMG Medicated Ice Cream!! Aaaah I’m So Anxious To Try!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE ICE CREAM!! I Eat It Literally Almost Every Day!! & Hot Chocolate OH Man!! ❤ Thanks For Helping Me Expand My Mind & To Gain More Knowledge On Cannabis!! ❤

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