Stoney Sunday #206

Questions answered: Tyler, New Zealand- How do you feel about being called a "bong hugger" or "humper?" Dani P. - How should I get rid of dirty broken glass? MadieB420 - What is your favorite Stoney Sunday shirt? Brandy F - Where do you see yourself in 5 years in this cannabis community? @elmztheengineer - What would you do if someone knocked over an expensive rig during a smoke sesh? @carsntrees - As a middle aged newb to concentrates, would you recommend oil, shatter, or crumble? Consumed how?

3 thoughts on “Stoney Sunday #206

  1. Hey Coral, I just watched Stoney Sunday #206, where you talk about what types of concentrates to start out with as a newbie. Your recommendation was to start with what is available in your area and not be picky starting out. I agree with that when it comes to flowers as those cannot be quite as contaminated or bad for you as concentrates can. When it comes to concentrates, you absolutely should be picky for your own safety. I recently moved from a state with no legal cannabis (medical or otherwise) where concentrates are rarely found, and most of the time if someone did happen to have some, it was black…. full of butane because it was not properly purged, which makes it unsafe to smoke. So no, don’t be picky about the finish – wax, shatter, crumble, oil, etc for your first time, but if it is black, or sparks when you heat it up with a lighter, please don’t smoke it.

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