Stoney Sunday #194

If a civilian has a medical marijuana recommendation, can they join the military?
Is a recommendation only good for a certain amount of time? Certain strains? Amounts?
Will you always wear the Stoney Sunday shirt on Sundays?
What is your favorite weedy movie?
Have you considered doing a yoga series or favorite pose?
Can makeup help disguise that you're high?

Leave a comment on youtube to be eligible for the shirt giveaway! Next week's episode will be LIVE at 3:30pm at

3 thoughts on “Stoney Sunday #194

  1. This is the first episode I’ve seen- and I dug the hell out of it!!! Both fun and informative, I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last! News Nugs was perfectly awesome, too :):):)

  2. I have asked 2 or 3 questions, and they have never been chosen. Why is that? What kinds of questions are most likely to get picked, because I thought mine were rather interesting and good. Any tips on what kinds of questions you should ask in order to get picked to answer?

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