Stoney Sunday #191

Questions answered:
@MartinsonNicole- What was the last piece you broke?
Brionna- I find it difficult to find plus size weedy clothing, do you have any thoughts?
Blake- Does you name go on an FBI list or in a DEA database?
Andi-What are your thoughts on cannabis' eco/carbon footprint?
Stephen- What classifies glass as heady?
@Natalie_710- Are you going to Chalice?
@idgafbrittanee- Have WA/CO released cannabis convicts?
@GanjaGypsy- do you see the spammers and shipping accounts?

2 thoughts on “Stoney Sunday #191

  1. can u use the packs that u use in ur bud to keep it fresh can u use orange peels in there witht hat pack also thats what i use now much my bud still dries out alot faster an i just wanted to know if i would still have the orange smell or if the pack would take the orange smell away i would likr t get one of the packs to try an bees wick that u use trying to find better ways to catch a buss an everything thatnks for reading if u ever read this is u would let me know so i can try to send u my info so i cant get that stuff to try please an like the stoney sunday show watch every week stay high my friends

  2. another ? also the bongs an an bowls an stuff like that do u prefer glass on glass or what. im asking cause i have been smoking for years an always look for better an diff ways to smoke an diff things to smoke out of. an do u ever sell or get rid of ur old stuff like that i have only a plastic bong an i have been told that glass is better i know it taste better but where an how much would the cheapest bong glass on glass with a inline perk or just perk with ash catcher what do u prefer to use

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