Stoney Sunday #152: Can you still roll a joint?

Questions answered:
Can you still roll a joint?
@Norberg_: Would you get married on 4/20 or have a weed themed wedding?
What do you think about bargaining in a headshop?
Why is #156 in November? When is Stoney Sunday’s anniversary?
What would be your dream collaboration piece?


the LIVE episode will be on October20th, at 11am PST:

6 thoughts on “Stoney Sunday #152: Can you still roll a joint?

  1. Would love to order a shirt, but to be truthful I hate the color. Can you make them on a dark green shirt???

  2. Also I would look better in a dark green shirt then a puke green, because I have blonde hair ,and light skin just like you. You would sell so much more if you offered more colors. The white lettering would show better also. Just Saying :o)

    1. I’ve never designed anything just to have it sell quickly, while you may not like the “puke green” shirts its still always going to be the classic. Anything I have for sale is on etsy at the moment.

  3. My boyfriend and I have debated this…. do you think smoking a joint/blunt is a “waste” of weed versus a bong/pipe of some sort? I always smoke my roaches when I get low so I dont think its a terrible waste but he seems to think that because its continuously burning its “wasting” the weed…jays are one of my favorite ways to toke :-/ I follow you on instagram as well @holldoll420

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