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Questions answered:
Is there an age limit in Amsterdam Coffee shops?
Do they actually serve coffee or is that code?
Do you prefer coffee or tea?
Does Amsterdam have a personal cannabis weight limit?
Did you find any good doughnuts in Amsterdam?

Questions answered:
Are you afraid to fly?
How did you get the tincture through the airport?
What are your first impressions of Amsterdam?
When can I get a Stoney Sunday shirt?

Reefer Question:
Do you smoke with screens?

Questions answered:
Would you or Coral or both come up to Alaska to smoke.?
Do you drink coconut water?
Is weed important to you and your boyfriends relationship?
I have a bong similar to yours, same size and has a perk at the bottom of the cylinder. But whenever i clear the hit i get water on my face does this ever happen to you??
Reefer Q of week: what is your favorite kind of weed?

Questions answered:
Have you ever been to a rave?
Have you ever done ecstasy?
Where are you moving to next?
Why don’t you cough anymore?
Do you have a facebook?
Are you sweet or sour?

This was a special episode, no questions, just some information regarding Proposition 215 and Senate Bill 420.

Question answered:
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?


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