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Question’s answered:
@PoloHippie1: any tips for a college stoner?
What’s up with Stoney Sunday shirts?
@CannabisQueen_: Do you think that cannabis use has an affect on your driving, and if so, how?
Can you help me with a drug test?
What do you think about drug testing?

Reefer Question:
Last week’s winner: @maryjane_bowls
Do you have an outdoor smoke spot?

Questions answered:

What’s up with Smokey Santa?

What was your favorite episode to record?

What would you do if YouTube banned you?

Why do Stoney Sunday shirts’ sales get shut down?

Reefer Question:

last week’s winner: @TheActionStation

This week’s question: Do you ration your weed?

Questions answered:
Are you afraid to fly?
How did you get the tincture through the airport?
What are your first impressions of Amsterdam?
When can I get a Stoney Sunday shirt?

Reefer Question:
Do you smoke with screens?


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