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The live episode will be 1-2pm PST at: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/stoney-sunday

Questions answered:
@bonsaibean- When was the last time you smoked schwag?
@idgafbrittanee- Do you have any fears regarding legalization? Children, pets, driving?
@idubby_in_cali- Have you ever hit a piece and had water shoot into your mouth? :(
@megnedo- I’m trying dabs for the first time soon, anything to expect or that I should know?
@ashweed253- How often do you clean you pieces? Do you have a skin care routine?
Blake- How did you season your quartz nail?

Questions answered:
Lindsay: Sometimes it’s hard for me to be surrounded by people with a strong negative stigma against cannabis. Any tips for staying positive?
@RomeBalls24: Do you monitor your cannabis intake amount?
@HeyYo_Andrew: Does a strong sativa ever give you anxiety?
Countess Chronic: What are your thoughts on women being sexualized in our cannabis community?

Questions answered:
@Iamtswl: What are your thoughts on Nancy Grace’s comments on cannabis?
—I think this video is amazing on the subject: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUU1AOQNbko
Craig- Can smoking cannabis everyday make your memory worse?
–The Pot Book is a great resource! page 373 features and write up with Julie Holland MD and Michael Pollan about why forgetting may actually be beneficial.
@birdswords3: How did you and your boyfriend meet?
Will you show us your kief catchers?
@Latino_Heat420: Have you ever done a dab rolled in kief?
Will you be at _____ Cup?

Stoney Sunday #163

Questions answered:
Logan: what are solventless dabs?
Do you ever see shake in cannabis dispensaries? Have you purchased it?
Did you start watermarking to ensure credit on your photos?
How can I control my weight while consuming cannabis?
Oscar: What do you think about cannabis farmer’s markets?
Amanda: How long after becoming a patient did you start advocating?

Previously recorded in Denver, Colorado during the Secret Cup Finals.

1st place: Mortimer Says
2nd place: Dank Wax, GarageGrow420 and FarmerJohnFourTwenty
3rd place: Chalice Errl
Connoisseurs Cup: Bobby Nuggz

Questions answered:
@SemaJ: Do dabs stay in your system longer than herb?
Are you in a relationship?
Dallas: What advice do you have for a bad breakup?
@Ingleflarbie: What other things can you get in a medical marijuana dispensary?
@rawbinitoo: from someone with anxiety, how easy/hard was speaking at the HT Panel?
Shanly: Do you own a TV?

Reefer Question:
Fav Summer Snack winner: @MadelineRose710
This week: Do you smoke in any hometown locales?

Questions answered:
You have one super power, what is it? -@EastCoastTokeTV
WIll you be at the LA Cannabis Cup?
Why don’t you hold your hits in longer?
Does your Stoney Sunday shirt get a lot of attention? -@JoshMichalski
Have you ever made BHO?

Reefer Question:
Last week’s winner: @Lilnugg93
This week’s question: Where are you using your humidipaks? Show me on instagram and use tag #reeferquestion!

Questions answered:

What happened to News Nug?

What is dabbing, oil, cannabis concentrate?

What do you have planned in Amsterdam? Is adventuring on your list? -@amandachu via twitter with #askstoneysunday

When will you have shirts back in stock?

What did you miss most about recording Stoney Sunday?

Reefer Question: Ever worn a weedy costume for Halloween? What are you this year?

Stoney Sunday #103: A Dab Episode!

Questions answered:

Have you ever bought more grunge off or is it infinitely reusable?

Do you smoke joints without the use of a roach?

If/ When you have children, would/ will you let them smoke pot when in there teen years?

How did you incorporate weed during your  college days ?

When can I order my Stoney Sunday t shirt again?

Reefer Q of the week: What is the one question you’ve always wanted to ask rosepants?

Questions answered:

Is making your own honey oil with a honey bee extractor safe? with the butane and all? whats the safest solvent to use?

Do you suggest a wooden, plastic or metal grinder? Can you explain the differences?

What are the funnest things you do when you’re high? I mean like you only do it once in a while but it’s SUPER fun…

Have you ever burped smoke after taking a hit?

Reefer Q of the week: have you ever made/blown smoke bubbles?


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