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Stoney Sunday #203

Stoney Sunday #202


Filmed in Boston, Massachusetts, at the 25th annual Freedom Rally, with the help of the World Reefers and at the Miss Mary Jane Co booth.

Stoney Sunday #200: you do it!

Thank you for watching!
Before you started smoking, what did you think about cannabis?
How do you stay high?
What is your favorite cannabis publication?
What is the endocannabinoid system?
Have you ever dabbed before? Do you dab, would you dab?
Do you get the munchies?
Post your Stoney Sunday #200 in the next FOUR weeks! When episode 204 airs, it’s then too late to post!

Recored live at 11am pst, thank you for watching!

Stoney Sunday LIVE!

Episode #199 starts at 11am pst!


Smoking in the city or nature?
Wake and bake or sesh and sleep?
Resort on the beach or cabin by the lake?
Quartz or Ti?
NorCal or SoCal?
Indica or Sativa?
Tan lines or all over tan?
CVault or Mason jar?
Purp or OG Kush?
Born This Way or Art Pop?
Scientific or heady?
Sweet or savory?


This or That?!

Tomorrow’s episode will be a “this-or-that” special! Shoot your suggestions and ideas to!


Thank you for watching this LIVE episode!


LIVE from Revere Glass, recorded on August 3rd, 2014. Thank you for watching!

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