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Questions answered:
Does weed make sex better?
@ItsLexers asked: What’s new with you outside of cannabis?
Is it true cannabis lowers sperm count or leads to infertility?
How small is the XS shirt? Are there any Stoney Sunday shirts left?
What do I need to know to go to a cannabis cup?

Questions answered:
Lindsay: Sometimes it’s hard for me to be surrounded by people with a strong negative stigma against cannabis. Any tips for staying positive?
@RomeBalls24: Do you monitor your cannabis intake amount?
@HeyYo_Andrew: Does a strong sativa ever give you anxiety?
Countess Chronic: What are your thoughts on women being sexualized in our cannabis community?

Questions answered:
@Iamtswl: What are your thoughts on Nancy Grace’s comments on cannabis?
—I think this video is amazing on the subject:
Craig- Can smoking cannabis everyday make your memory worse?
–The Pot Book is a great resource! page 373 features and write up with Julie Holland MD and Michael Pollan about why forgetting may actually be beneficial.
@birdswords3: How did you and your boyfriend meet?
Will you show us your kief catchers?
@Latino_Heat420: Have you ever done a dab rolled in kief?
Will you be at _____ Cup?


Hand Made and Coral Reefer have come together to print new Stoney Sunday shirts, available in sizes extra small through 3xl at The extra smalls are a “women’s cut” while the rest are unisex. Thank you for the support and for staying high with me, don’t forget to tag your pictures #stoneysundayshirt!

Questions answered:
Michelle: How can I counter misinformation in class and with my friends?
Emerald Moon: Colorado says they made 5 million dollars in the first week of recreational cannabis sales, are they paying taxes?
ChaseLeSane: Any tips for cannabis smokers who have had a tooth removed recently?
What are your thoughts on decriminalization vs legalization?
TenderMasochist: What made you go from user to activist?
PyroPaige: Will all the CVaults be given away on Instagram?

Questions answered:
Do you have New Years Resolutions?
SavanaStarshine: How did you deal with anxiety before cannabis?
How would you compare the Firefly and the Pax?
What happened to the fish bong?
Do you have a budget for weed? How do you budget?

Stoney Sunday #163

Questions answered:
Logan: what are solventless dabs?
Do you ever see shake in cannabis dispensaries? Have you purchased it?
Did you start watermarking to ensure credit on your photos?
How can I control my weight while consuming cannabis?
Oscar: What do you think about cannabis farmer’s markets?
Amanda: How long after becoming a patient did you start advocating?

Previously recorded in Denver, Colorado during the Secret Cup Finals.

1st place: Mortimer Says
2nd place: Dank Wax, GarageGrow420 and FarmerJohnFourTwenty
3rd place: Chalice Errl
Connoisseurs Cup: Bobby Nuggz

Questions answered:
@KikiBean420: How do you clean concentrate pieces? Titanium nails and Health Stone Glass?
Race: What are the connections between cannabis and psychic abilities?
Chelsea: Is it normal for cannabis smokers miss periods, or have irregular periods?
The Geesh: If you could go back in time who would you want to smoke with?
How many questions do you get each week?
@MissMorphine: Can you cook out the potency of edibles, as with “cooking off” liquor?

Questions answered:
PyroPaige: What is involved in a dose of an edible? Are the labeled dosages accurate?
Peter S: What should you do if a friend is pinching from your bag? Have you ever had something stolen by a friend?
Skye: How can athletes support legalization?
Ash_Bea: What do you think about smoking around children?
Steph: Would you consider bud tending or teaching a stoney yoga class?
MoldyTech: Is buying American glass a snobbery thing? Does it really matter?

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