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Stoney Sunday #187

Questions answered:
When did Frenchy first start making or smoking hash?
What are the difference between hash, water hash, solventless, ice wax, full melt? What do you prefer?
Any tips for bubble hash in a vape pen?
Where in the world has the best hash?


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Photo May 18, 4 13 04 PM

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Questions answered:
What are some Australian terms for cannabis?
As an Aussie, can you describe the differences from Californian bud?
Do you support illegal cannabis use?
What did you think of having to buy cannabis illegally?
Have you had any weird looks for cannabis clothing or tattoos?
What would you do, or could you imagine living here?
What is one place in Australia Reefers should check out?
Are the HEMP Embassy and the HEMP party connected?

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Questions asked to Mama Reefer:
Do your friends smoke weed?
How did Coral tell you? What can a child do if parents aren't listening?
If cannabis was illegal again would you want Coral to slow down?
What do you think about parents smoking with their children?
If cannabis was legalized worldwide would it still be able to function?
Would you consider cannabis to prevent cancer?
How is cannabis different than booze?
Can you tell us a cute story about Coral?

Questions answered this week:
When did you start smoking?
Do you drink? Do you do drugs or other substances?
Why do you do your makeup/hair that way, why do you have tattoos?
What is the point of your blog and channel? Do you want to be famous?
What's your favorite way to consume cannabis?
What's your favorite strain?
What's your real job? How do you make money?

The strain list:

Xochi’s newest video:

Questions answered:
Lauren: Is there a method you want to try and haven't yet when it comes to cannabis?
@_glyph: Would you two ever collaborate on a tee shirt?
@Abarefootstoner: What was the best bong you've hit but didn't own? Where?
Do you feel you have to disguise your use as medical?
@PushKushGlobal: What is Xochi's favorite hip hop group?
Lauren: Will washing your bong with hot water then filling it with cold crack it?
@Sleeplessinseattle710: Do you go to work high?

Thanks for watching! This episode was filmed live in Santa Cruz, California at UCSC.

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Questions answered:
@bonsaibean- When was the last time you smoked schwag?
@idgafbrittanee- Do you have any fears regarding legalization? Children, pets, driving?
@idubby_in_cali- Have you ever hit a piece and had water shoot into your mouth? :(
@megnedo- I’m trying dabs for the first time soon, anything to expect or that I should know?
@ashweed253- How often do you clean you pieces? Do you have a skin care routine?
Blake- How did you season your quartz nail?

Questions answered:

@Oh_Breanne: Have you heard of Rick Simpson Oil, what are your thoughts on it?

Do pendants aid in the function of smoking at all?

How do you deal with people who are adamantly against cannabis? People like Cindybin2001?

Marissa: How can I tell my weed-friendly parents that I now enjoy concentrates?

@abbyschnure: Have you considered doing other tie dye socks of different heights?

@kendall_akwia: Will you be at Seattle’s Hempfest this year?

Thank you Stoney Xochi for joining today! Follow her on twitter, instagram, and tubmlr.


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