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Previously recorded in Denver, Colorado during the Secret Cup Finals.

1st place: Mortimer Says
2nd place: Dank Wax, GarageGrow420 and FarmerJohnFourTwenty
3rd place: Chalice Errl
Connoisseurs Cup: Bobby Nuggz

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Thanks for watching this LIVE episode!

Questions answered:
What were your first experiences with weed?
What do you think about Medical vs Recreational use?
Cali asked: Where did Coral’s scar come from?
How can non smokers advocate?
My parents are against weed, should I tell her?
Has anyone recognized you as “Coral’s mom?”
What advice have you given your daughter?

Reefer Question:
Can you do any smoke tricks? -winner is @bobdylan21
This week – What did you do for Mother’s Day?


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