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Questions answered:
Nick: When you wear weed themed clothing, do you ever receive odd looks or negative feedback? Do people stare?
@Elizabethpants_ Why is it better for shatter to be sold in parchment rather than plastic?
Geena: Do you think it’s normal for new smokers to feel insecure?
If Florida can petition for medical marijuana, why can’t other states do the same, or for recreational?
@Officalbriann_la: How do ceramic nails work? I thought only titanium was suggested for dabbing?

Questions answered:
Does weed make sex better?
@ItsLexers asked: What’s new with you outside of cannabis?
Is it true cannabis lowers sperm count or leads to infertility?
How small is the XS shirt? Are there any Stoney Sunday shirts left?
What do I need to know to go to a cannabis cup?

Questions answered:
Lindsay: Sometimes it’s hard for me to be surrounded by people with a strong negative stigma against cannabis. Any tips for staying positive?
@RomeBalls24: Do you monitor your cannabis intake amount?
@HeyYo_Andrew: Does a strong sativa ever give you anxiety?
Countess Chronic: What are your thoughts on women being sexualized in our cannabis community?

Questions answered:
@Iamtswl: What are your thoughts on Nancy Grace’s comments on cannabis?
—I think this video is amazing on the subject:
Craig- Can smoking cannabis everyday make your memory worse?
–The Pot Book is a great resource! page 373 features and write up with Julie Holland MD and Michael Pollan about why forgetting may actually be beneficial.
@birdswords3: How did you and your boyfriend meet?
Will you show us your kief catchers?
@Latino_Heat420: Have you ever done a dab rolled in kief?
Will you be at _____ Cup?

Previously recorded in Denver, Colorado during the Secret Cup Finals.

1st place: Mortimer Says
2nd place: Dank Wax, GarageGrow420 and FarmerJohnFourTwenty
3rd place: Chalice Errl
Connoisseurs Cup: Bobby Nuggz

Questions answered:
@KikiBean420: How do you clean concentrate pieces? Titanium nails and Health Stone Glass?
Race: What are the connections between cannabis and psychic abilities?
Chelsea: Is it normal for cannabis smokers miss periods, or have irregular periods?
The Geesh: If you could go back in time who would you want to smoke with?
How many questions do you get each week?
@MissMorphine: Can you cook out the potency of edibles, as with “cooking off” liquor?

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Questions answered:
What is a recycler?
What do you think about Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna smoking pot?
Can someone get second hand high?
Have you ever thought about running for city council?
Any advice for beginning glass blowers?
Have you always felt comfortable in the cannabis community?

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