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Stoney Sunday #209

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Stoney Sunday #206

Questions answered:
 Tyler, New Zealand- How do you feel about being called a "bong hugger" or "humper?"
 Dani P. - How should I get rid of dirty broken glass?
 MadieB420 - What is your favorite Stoney Sunday shirt?
 Brandy F - Where do you see yourself in 5 years in this cannabis community?
 @elmztheengineer - What would you do if someone knocked over an expensive rig during a smoke sesh?
 @carsntrees - As a middle aged newb to concentrates, would you recommend oil, shatter, or crumble? Consumed how?

Thank you for watching!

Thank you for watching!

Stoney Sunday #203

Stoney Sunday #202


Filmed in Boston, Massachusetts, at the 25th annual Freedom Rally, with the help of the World Reefers and at the Miss Mary Jane Co booth.

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