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Questions answered:
@bonsaibean- When was the last time you smoked schwag?
@idgafbrittanee- Do you have any fears regarding legalization? Children, pets, driving?
@idubby_in_cali- Have you ever hit a piece and had water shoot into your mouth? :(
@megnedo- I’m trying dabs for the first time soon, anything to expect or that I should know?
@ashweed253- How often do you clean you pieces? Do you have a skin care routine?
Blake- How did you season your quartz nail?

Questions answered:

@Oh_Breanne: Have you heard of Rick Simpson Oil, what are your thoughts on it?

Do pendants aid in the function of smoking at all?

How do you deal with people who are adamantly against cannabis? People like Cindybin2001?

Marissa: How can I tell my weed-friendly parents that I now enjoy concentrates?

@abbyschnure: Have you considered doing other tie dye socks of different heights?

@kendall_akwia: Will you be at Seattle’s Hempfest this year?

Thank you Stoney Xochi for joining today! Follow her on twitter, instagram, and tubmlr.

Stoney Sunday: #176

Questions answered:

UrbanOrganics78: Have you ever found seeds in a bag from a dispensary? What did you do with them, give them to a friend?

Stephen: What is the cannabis delivery system like?

@AstridHiccup: What does the term “nug-run” refer to on cannabis concentrates?

Can cannabis alter someone’s sexual orientation?

@NotoriousJBD: Will you and Xochi be doing the April photo challenge?

@spankky1: Have you considered a cannabis hunger strike to further legalization?


Stoney Sunday LIVE will start at 11am at, co hosted by Smacking Dabs!

Questions answered:
Nick: When you wear weed themed clothing, do you ever receive odd looks or negative feedback? Do people stare?
@Elizabethpants_ Why is it better for shatter to be sold in parchment rather than plastic?
Geena: Do you think it’s normal for new smokers to feel insecure?
If Florida can petition for medical marijuana, why can’t other states do the same, or for recreational?
@Officalbriann_la: How do ceramic nails work? I thought only titanium was suggested for dabbing?

Stoney Sunday #172

Questions answered:

Why can’t a patient in Oregon ship to a patient in Arizona?

What are concentrate tools “sold as,” in places that bongs are referred to as water pipes?

Will you accept bitcoin? Why or why not?

What was the final factor in deciding to get your medical marijuana recommendation?

How have the cups changed over the years? Progressed?

Is there anything that really bugs you about the cannabis community?

This episode was recorded live in San Bernardino with my boyfriend, Smackin aka John.

1pm today!


Stoney Sunday LIVE!


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